The Dragon Cup Cannabis Awards was founded in 2008 by a small group of 6 friends. They were all hardcore cannabis connoisseurs and they were fed up with the corruption of cannabis award Judges always awarding paid advertisers even though their strains were not so good and sometimes downright awful. There was a very large Da Purps scandal that was the straw that broke the camels back when the group of six ordered these purple seeds and didm;t even get what they ordered. How could this be they thought. It won the greatest award and the seed bank is advertising in the largest Cannabis magazine.

Only Superior Cannabis Breeders Will Win The Dragon Cup

After talking with other superior breeders and learning just how corrupt the cannabis awards were, they decided to quit their jobs and do what they love. The group of six smoke cannabis entries from 9-5. They only accept submission with no details and no names. You simply flu out the submission form and get a submission ID. You mail your sample(s) to them after your given your number then they smoke it, all six of them on three different days. The winner goes to the best strain on Earth at the time. It’s very simple, no politics, no payoffs, no advertising and no corruption.